Announcement. I have a new show planned for 2017.

It is not a straight-up stand-up show. I hope to yet organise appearances in showcases and hopefully even another two-hander, but this will be a gameshow.


Lolbot Wars will feature two comics battling it out, head-to-head. The audience and judges  will allow winners to battle on after judging them on Style, Control, Damage and Aggression. And LOLS. Of course. It will be funny. The acts can choose to battle via Improv, through their words and wit, or with a crate of weapons I will be providing them with.

For this show to succeed, I will be looking to build a big audience as quickly as possible. The first show will be on February 7th, at Wheatsheaf in Soho. It will feature six fabulous acts: Tom Mayhew, Jon Long, Arielle Souma, Simone Belshaw, James Serek, Sam Dodgin with special-guest HOUSE LOLBOT: Chris Norton Walker.


Interested? Excellent. Join us:

Book your seat for free here!

Click attending on the Facebook event. Then share it and all that jazz.

Please also follow the show on Facebook and Twitter because we need followings on such things to convince venues of the show’s worth and potential.

Lolbot Wars on Facebook

Lolbot Wars on Twitter

I will be inviting applications for acts to take part in shows very soon and urge acts ad potential audience alike follow the pages so that you can all join in when all the Edinburgh spots open up. This is my next big project. I’ve chosen not to push ahead with my first hour as I really believe in this idea and know lots of acts are interested in partaking in something a bit different. I hope you’ll join us for the comedy carnage. The website will be published in a couple of weeks because I’m waiting for payday.

See you all soon.




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