My party of Pokemon, as a team representing all the Pokemon I have caught, the wider membership of my Pokemon, if you will, don’t think that Jolteon (nicknamed J.C) should be the leading Pokemon in the party, but instead of just trying to convince Joleton to stay in his poke-ball forever by refusing to fight like silly pokemon in other parties, Roserade just suggested they had better leadership qualities, and sought the support of all the pokemon in my PC by convincing them that she would have better moves to outwit my rivals’ team and prove their worth to all the people watching at the pokemon championships. So, with slight bitterness, but amicably accepting his place on the team, Jolteon will now be a metagame part of the party, a back-benched Pokemon, if you will. He will still play a significant role, but it was for the good of my Pokemon party’s ability to have a big victory in a surprise upcoming tournament. The Pokemon in my PC aren’t that happy about the situation, they all thought Jolteon was an utterly brilliant leader, even if he wasn’t achieving quite everything he wanted, but they’re probably going to work really hard to support the new Pokemon Party leadership.
See, my rival’s partys’ lead pokemon has just lost a training battle with other disruptive Pokemon in my rivals team and they’re all squabbling about who should be in charge over there to oversee Viridian Gym’s exit from the Pokemon League, so this is a real opportunity for my party to show them that they’re a better representative of Pokemon communities across the world, working together. Thank heavens they didn’t just decide to stop working together and have a fight with eachother without a plan.
When my Pokemon Party took on the rival Pokemon Party in the tournament, they won by a slim margin (admittedly, I had to trade a couple of members for some Pokemon from my Scottish friends’ Party, but we would rather work together than not at all). Now, they are in charge and I am able to implement ideas to improve the Pokemon world. Because winning gladitorial deathmatches is how the Pokemon world works.
Imagine if this happened in real life eh? You’d be surprised to see a party tear itself apart instead of sensibly seeking to work together and achieve the best for everyone.

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