When I used to do radio shows on Livewire 1350, Future Radio, and Shoreditch Radio (something I hope to return to soon), I used to end each show by joyously declaring what I have learnt.

Once more a period of time known as a year has passed, and what a year of earning and learning; ending as it began with people drunk in my parents house.
As ever, one must ask what we have learnt?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcD2a_Zuthw (recreate the feeling of listening to one of my old radio shows by listening to the music whilst reading).
It was the year that I learnt that when you move to London, you will discover your lighting and range of oven settings about 5 months into living there. It was the year that I learnt how to do an hour of comedy by simply writing about writing comedy. I learned that the best way to mourn XFM’s Chris Moyles-isation is to accept my destiny and become a listener of The Today Programme and PM every day.
It was the year that I learnt Germany is just underground within Southwark. I learnt that the night bus is not horrible and will in fact give me respect by merely playing my 3DS and challenging drunk strangers to a pokemon battle. I learnt that there are audiobooks about the sociological history of Star Wars. I learnt that so few people use E signal that it is the best network level to use to fight for tickets to midnight Star Wars.
I learnt that I can actually do my job; and our students at South Bank are on the edge of learning that the stairs are next to the front of house desk, and that yes, you do have to go up all of the stairs to go upstairs.
I learnt that if you get booked for a Conservative Private Members Caberet Bar, Jeremy Corbyn based erotica is not the material that will save the gig. I’ve learnt that an election based party is flawed as like most reality contests, all the other voters will decide the result and prevent the fun.
Not the most eventful or exciting year, but a year of adulting and culting and rollicking into another. A year with Fringe Shows and new adventures. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed to the best of the year and let’s welcome the new one with a praise be to bird jesus (Zapdos) once more.
Let’s go.


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