The latest addition to the overall series of serieses, the one that ultimately span off into Age of Austerity, Corbyn Quest (adapted into live TV as Labour Devils); has been mixed at best. Much like the in-universe Movie; Age of Ultron, this year started more story arcs than it solved, a brave decision; but did it pay off?

The in-universe cartoons undertook a massively exagerated re-enactment of The Simpsons episode Marge vs Itchy and Scratchy. Instead of writing letters of complaints in a hilarious montage, quite harshly, these people decided to use guns and kill and such. In Paris. Little did the Parisians know that this was actually setting up a story-arc for the whole year, where these new villains, ISIL / DAESH / ISIS, would be in charge for most of the plot-lines, whilst the writers couldn’t consistently name these quite 2Dimensional villains (that at no point have been contextualised with regard to the noughties middle-eastern campaigns).

This didn’t effect the British characters so much. That sub-story’s final serial of the Age of Austerity story, played out very much focused on its own cartoon characters, and upped the roles of some of the others. For example, the Milithing was given a rise and fall story arc, but humourously; not with power, but with women. And who could forget this hilarious contractual disputes surrounding the acing and un-axing of Vigel Fromage (playing the back from the dead Nigel Farage). There was also a lovely Australian character who did not have the same magic upgrades that The Sturgeon Empress of Scots used to apply dominance of the new donain.

Meanwhile, Russell Brand’s character came back, last seen properly in the 2008 story arc when he was the comedic subplot to the world bank collapse. This year, his multiple guest-roles from 2013/14 stories built up to his daily side-show, reviewing the rest of the show within. Which he has now given up for some reason, despite the show not being about the election story arc; it ended shortly after the election story arc. And that’s the trews.

Elsewhere, the baking land welcomed hipsters, a lib-dem, and controversially, a muslim woman (but this was often only remarked upon by people afterwards, especially as none of the in-show dialogue actually referenced this fact: the writers more focused on the fact that most human beings are rounded interesting characters); to compete in not-the-hunger-games, (despite how hungry this show makes the other characters). The BBC were accused of bias when the most talented baker won. I wasn’t really paying attention to this mini-series, but apparently the Daily Mail now hates talented people as well.

Apparently the x factor was on this year. Not that anyone can be sure.

After the Age of Austerity and Labour- Devils stories had finished dominating the screens, the writers decided to bring back the Land of the Free mini-series, but as a soap opera starring a former extra; Donald Trump. In case having a name that sounds like farting isn’t humourous enough, he facilitated the soap opera’s ability to become a reality show; ‘What’s the most outrageous thing I can say?!’

Unfortunately, lots of the writers started getting a tad engrossed in their creation, and next year’s Land of the Free season finale seems to be set to be a final battle between Mr Fart and Queen Clinton. The reality show rights are in-despute.

This was sparked even further into total darkness when music and gotta all were attacked at the same time (with the metaphor of freedom being read into by no-one). Outrage and confusion spread. Thee writers usually mistake exposition for drama; here and since, drama has been mistaken for explanation; (something we might actually need one day).

Much like Age of Ultron, this year has set up more stories than it resolved, but the total recasting of most of the shows via sub-series and RPGS like FIFA Quest was an odd but wise choice. Fair play, but a weaker result.



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