After the mixed reviews that the Age of Austerity finale received, it was even more surprising to see the writers’ next move: a Netflix Exclusive series, Labour Devils, in which the survivors of the defeated alliance in Age of Austerity would decide on the new leader. There were more guest writers than ever, and the sporadic result had its brilliant finale last week.

Once again, it quickly became evident that the writers were fighting as much as their characters. As usual with this universe, this led to mixed results. Starting in Ne

Firstly, Princess Liz showed that her time working for the New Labour Empire would be fruitful, as she would offer a fresh start. Her allies, Chukka and Tristram Swain soon decided to ally their armies around her.

But the token Northerner soon became the main character. Burningham was soon promising it a serious possibility that the bubble protecting Westminster could be destroyed, which would change the entire series. Clearly, the writers had all sorts of ideas where the series could go from here, and due respect for using this unique spin-off and ultilising these actors playing plausibly dull people as a platform.

Warrior Balls’ ladyship, Ms Cooper, declared her availability for the job, and soon, all was set for the coronation of Princess Kendall, Young Burningham, or Ms Cooper. Cooper had a really interesting approach, and played the role with what some genuinely interpreted as improv.

However, some of the writers felt that they should be allowed to try one more version of the leadership, and wanted bump Jez Corbz from extra to main cast. After much negotiation, and an agreement that Corbz wouldn’t win the game, he was permitted a main cast role, just to make this spin-off series truly exciting.

Soon, the format of this battle was made very clear. Everyone could join, subscribe, and choose the finale. No-one realised that this wasn’t pre-scripted, and much like Channel 4’s Election Monkeys, would be altered week-to-week, not just the finale.

And soon, thousands of youthful audience members subscribed, and all of them seemed enamoured. Corbz was soon the breakout character, and why wouldn’t he be? Not only did he have mad ideas such as ‘fighting poverty’ and ‘including all friends in conversations’, he also basically owned the spin-off. Thousands of characters from previous series’ appeared, displeased that an extra could become main cast so quickly. Princess Kendall thought it was not credible. Soon, Corbyn made it clear that people wouldn’t like him when he was angry, and incredibly never got angry. Burningham made a plea, and Yvette got the forbidden Prince Gordon’s endorsement.

Soon, a plan was made by the writers to question every subscriber and whether they shared true ‘Netflix and Chill’ values and that they weren’t just joining into the character’s-kickstarter-pages for the hell of it. As a purge was planned, a civil war story arc in the middle got quite muddled, but including the viewers beyond their subscription is an idea that I think will be really worth visiting again in a future series.

King Blair demanded that people use their heads rather than their hearts, heartfully endorsing the purging of crowd-sourcing rights, but the writers included this scene on a very token level. The writers were realising that their salaries were being paid by the new subscribers who made it clear that Corbz was main reason to subscribe. He just kept saying such interesting things and undertaking odd actions. The writers made him one of the only ones to vote to maintain the welfare aspect of the main governing-the-land spin-off game.

59%. Mandates. Tom Watson. What a finale! Princess Liz tweeted about steak! Burningham got a new home (secretarily). Yvette was probably doing something but her scenes got deleted as she joined lots of other characters being written into the supporting cast rather than the main cast for the foreseeable future. Much like the Age of Austerity finale, no-one was safe. Corbz himself has faced threats of attacks from friends and foes. Except his friends abroad.

The moral of the story was quite clear; any one can become a break-out characters. They went onto reveal that this new leader, Corbyn (his full name according to every BBC and Sky review is ‘The Left Wing Leader, Mr Corbyn’, which is quite long, but despite rumours, President Dave will stick to his current name), will be among the main cast of the new series, tentatively titled ‘Age of Austerity 2’, lacking an original idea for the series future. Haterz have demanded that the show be renamed House of Corbz, but Dare Labour was a gritty and sexy show, with variety, comedy, and lots of brilliant cameos. We can only hope that the 50th anniversary special will be anything like as good.

The writers even wrote Russell Brand out of the main series.

Clearly, crowdsourcing has a future, and Corbz has introduced a new found excitement into ‘democratic exercise’ based story arcs unlike anyone before. The series’ poignant finale featured Corbyn incorporating the format of Question Time into Prime Minister’s Questions, a familiar feature of the main series, and the writers have given use a game-changing new series.

The main show, Question Time, returns tonight at 10:45.


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