Graduation fills you with the oddest of emotions. Of course the apprehension I was building up in my head was perhaps more extreme due to moving to Edinburgh literally the day after being in my mind, and the amount of build up and importance I had personally placed on the ending of my time at UEA.

The speeches happen. They tell us how we can use our newly curious minds to explore anything we want in the future. They’re right, and I like it. I’m an optimist by and large. Fear for the future no longer existed. The future might have terrible moments, but I do not fear those. I welcome them. Apprehension and fear, one realises, are only in the short term.

The moment of fear for me was when I saw an array of American Studies students getting woops and cheers and beheld their strides across the stage. ‘Would I be able to look cool like that?’ or ‘Should I even be conscious of that?’ became thoughts I didn’t expect to formulate.

You go up those steps from the side. The head of the school finally says your name. You ignore the thousand-odd people looking at you. Instead of a stride or a fall, I focused on the biggest smile I could throw at them.

Take that, I smiled at you, screw you people. I smiled aggressively.ElliotandVanessaGraduate


This was going to be a kind of intelligent post about emotions and thoughts, but that’s not really going to happen on such a small amount of sleep.

All of the good photos are on the camera my sister has, so this one of me and my best friend (for whom’s leaving I was crying about extensively) a few minutes before we went in.


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